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Martha Turner, James Smith and other followers of Lamb can be found in the pages of Australian newspapers. The frequency of references to Charles and Mary Lamb, exceeding that of other Romantic writers such as Wordsworth, shows how familiar a figure he was to the ordinary Australian reader, ordinary meaning anyone who could afford the price of a newspaper or could share one. Lamb was seen as more accessible and less intimidating than other writers in the English literary canon.

Charles Lamb is a member of our own domestic circle. He is one of our intimate cronies. If we found ourselves at a dinner at which Dr.

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Johnson, Thomas Carlyle, Alfred Tennyson and a number of similar celebrities, were among the guests, we should be terrified But if a kindly fate seated us next to Charles Lamb, we should be perfectly at our ease from the first handshake. Charles and Mary Lamb have lost their place in Australian cultural consciousness. The reading public did not fall out of love with Lamb, but merely moved on and forgot about him.

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  • Nevertheless, a Lamb revival may be on the cards. His work and style can be seen to anticipate the internet, blogging and the micro-sociability of social media. While Charles Lamb will never be as prominent again in Australian culture, every time we go to a bookshop, talk about books, or lend our most precious volume to a friend, we are unconsciously following his example and his influence in shaping what it means to be a reader in Australia today.

    Gillian Russell is a professor of eighteenth-century literature at the University of York. Gillian Russell rediscovers writer Charles Lamb. Falling Out of Love.

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